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Excise Tax Collection
Contact TypeContact Information
, Excise Tax Collector
, Deputy Excise Tax Collector
15 Upper Guinea Road 
Lebanon ,Me 04027 
(207) 457-6082
(207) 457-6067
Monday, Tuesday, & Friday 7am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
*****************30 Days to comply*********************

Maine Law requires that if a vehicle is based parked or garaged in Maine, then that vehicle is required to be registered in Maine. The excise taxes paid remains in the Town where the vehicle was registered. The sales tax and plate fees are submitted to the State.

Also, if a person is domiciled in Maine for over 30 days, then that person must apply for and obtain a Maine drivers license. Failure to comply is a fine not more then $1100.00.

Please note that this law pertains to all vehicles. Business and Private. Even vehicles borrowed or loaned to a person who must be registered in Maine.  There are only two exemptions allowed by Maine.

1. Active Duty Military personnel
2. Students enrolled in full time colleges.

There are no other exemptions. All violations will be forwarded to the Bureau of Taxation for investigation of tax evasion. Also all violator information will be forwarded to their current registration State for further investigation. Most States have laws that pertain to fraudulent and falsifying Vehicle Titles and range from misdemeanors to felonies.

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